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At D. & Deedle Concierge Nursing, we provide a wide array of specialized nursing services, delivering exceptional care tailored to meet your unique healthcare needs.

Medical Weight Loss Injections

Supportive injections aiding weight loss under professional guidance.

Infusion Hydration


Intravenous hydration solutions administered by skilled nurses.


Prompt nursing care available at short notice for urgent needs.


Recovery assistance tailored to ensure comfort and healing after surgery.

Half Day Services

Flexible care options for a half-day duration to accommodate varied schedules.

Full Day Service

Comprehensive care throughout the entire day for extended needs.

Antepartum Injections

Specialized injections administered during the prenatal period.


Dedicated nursing assistance and monitoring throughout the night.

IVF Services

Expert management and administration of medications for fertility treatments.

Postpartum Services

Support and care for mothers after childbirth.

Wound Care

Specialized management and treatment for various types of wounds.

Newborn Care Services

Expert care for newborns, ensuring their health and well-being.

Elderly Care

Tailored nursing support for the specific needs of elderly individuals.

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